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Read about GSS's lastest projects, research and advancements in ACSW profiling technology.
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 The value of our ACSW system has recently been demonstrated at a major land reclamation project at Malmo in Sweden for LANDPAC. 

Investigating areas of poor ground rapidly and cost-effectively continues to form a major part of GSS's work.  The value of CSW testing was demonstrated in recent investigations around a railway line in Cornwall where 18 tests were completed in two 4 hour possessions – it is hard to imagine many techniques could have achieved as much in the limited working time.  


GSS has been undertaking mineshaft capping investigations for Central Alliance and SWECO on the busy A1 in Newcastle. 

GSS has completed testing in Birmingham as part of investigations for a new flood defence scheme next to a major hydrocarbons pipeline. 

A bright new wave in geotechnics.