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GSS has been supporting BAM Ritchies in evaluating the use of CSW testing for investigation collapsed chalk mine workings as and assessing the impact of treatment at their site at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. Testing was successful in identifying zones of weakened chalk and it is hoped to publish the findings in a forthcoming paper.

GSS continues its software development programme with the roll-out of C-DAS 1.4, which includes a fully integrated advanced inversion module and data stacking functions.Using the latest Leung & Aung WAVe model the software generates and compares over 450 models each second. A bespoke Monte Carlo search method rapidly resolves the layered stiffness profile which best fits the recorded dispersion curve.

The model used is capable of generating ‘effective dispersion curves’, overcoming the sometimes problematic ‘multi-modal’ or ‘inversely dispersive’ ground responses. The software includes an easy-to-understand graphical interface which immediately displays the impact of stiffness changes on the dispersion curve. Data stacking functions allow results even from more problematic ground conditions to by analysed. 




GSS has completed trackbed investigations at the former King Street Coal Yard in Blackburn for Buckingham Group.  The site  is being developed as a new rail stabling depot.  CSW testing was specified by Buckingham's designers Atkins and included possession working along the existing four-foot.

GSS is now Constructionline certified, simplifying contractor appointment by providing validated pre-qualification information.

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