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In response to a series of enquiries, GSS has been undertaking a round of marketing meetings with major ground engineering companies in Holland as part of its international expansion programme. Aside from the very productive discussions it has given us a chance to get to know the Netherlands a little - we will certainly be back!

GSS is working with ground investigation specialist Geotechnics to evaluate consolidation assessment using ACSW. The testing site comprises estuarine deposits subject to surcharging where ACSW is being used for rapid ongoing assessment of stiffness changes.

Chris Milne will be presenting at the AGS Conference ‘Ground Risk - why take the chance?’ in London on 12th September 2018, detailing then range of advances in surface wave testing which GSS has developed.  GSS is proud to be associated with the AGS’s initiatives on this key issue as part of its ongoing engagement and mission to improve the quality of site information for clients.

GSS is currently undertaking research with consultants WSP on the comparison between non-intrusive ACSW data and High Pressure Dilatometer testing in the Sherwood Sandstone, further demonstrating ACSWs’s potential for  high quality but rapid, low cost and low risk stiffness investigation.

A bright new wave in geotechnics.