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Guidance & Technical SpecificationsRSS

GSS Standard ACSW Specification & BoQ

Standard specification for Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) testing and bill of quantity for tendering

GSSGN001 Specifying ACSW testing

GSS Guidance Note on the specification of ACSW testing, including the limitations and basic requirements for testing which an ACSW testing contractor needs to be made aware of to determine if suitable test data can be obtained.

GSSGN002 Application of ACSW data

GSS Guidance Note on the general application of ACSW data in geotechnics, including comparison with conventional stiffness measurements, effect of strain softening, analysis approaches and use in site characterisation.

GSSGN004 Using ACSW on the railway

GSS Guidance Note on the benefits of ACSW profiling in the rail environment for accurate stiffness measurement and site characterisation

GSSGN005 Using ACSW for settlement analysis

GSS Guidance Note addressing the application of ACSW stiffness data for settlement determinations. The guidance note covers the issues with conventional measurement, the derivation of ACSW stiffness data and approaches to accurate settlement analysis usin ...

GSSGN006 Using ACSW data for control testing

GSS Guidance Note covering the application of ACSW data for construction control and validation. Summarises the field outputs provided via GSS C-DAS software and their real-time applications for ground treatment projects.

GSSGN006 Using ACSW for crane base design

GSS Guidance Note covering the use of ACSW ground profile data in accordance with CIRIA C703: 2003 Crane Stability on Site - an introductory guide

GSSGN009 Accuracy & reliability of ACSW data

The guidance note reviews the checks in obtaining ACSW data and the evidence for reliability and repeatably in ACSW ground profiles obtained. It considers some of the factors affecting data quality, limitations on resolution and the impact on any assumed ...

GSSGN010 Description and limitations of ACSW technique

This guidance note summarises the theoretical basis for ACSW profiling and sets out the key considerations the use of ACSW data.

GSSGN011 An introduction to ACSW testing

A general introduction to ACSW testing explaining the basis of the test and its application.

GSSGN013 Comparison of ACSW testing with empirical relationships

This guidance note compares the accuracy of ground stiffness values provided by ACSW testing with commonly used design stiffness values derived from other forms of soil testing such as SPT N value and CPT.

GSSGN016 Comparison of ACSW testing with other seismic techniques

This guidance note reviews the commercially available seismic techniques which can be used to determine ground stiffness and compares each with the ACSW testing technique. The range of seismic techniques has been divided into the intrusive techniques whi ...

GSSGN017 Application of ACSW stiffness profiling data to trackbed design

ACSW testing is increasingly being used in the railway environment for optimisation of foundations for bridge replacement and electrification schemes. ACSW testing has also been successfully used as a rapid and cost-effective alternative to conventional ...

GSSGN018 Use of ACSW for bridge design

This guidance note outlines the range of applications for ACSW profile data for cost effective, non-intrusive site investigation and foundation optimisation for bridges.

GSSGN019 Using ACSW to determine rock properties

This Guidance Note outlines a number of approaches for using ACSW testing data to assess rock quality and to derive rock properties.

GSSGN020 Using ACSW for geotechnical assessment

ACSW testing is principally used to provide representative bulk stiffness profiles for geotechnical design. However ground stiffness can be used to provide an indication of other ground properties and ACSW testing’s non-intrusive nature makes it an attra ...

GSSGN021 Using ACSW for seismic & liquefaction assessment

Published guidance and design codes exists on the application of Vs profile data for seismic and liquefaction assessment. Vs profile data obtained by ACSW testing can provide a rapid and cost-effective means of obtaining representative in-situ Vs profile ...

GSSGN022 GSS ACSW testing system

Capability statement for GSS Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) testing system

GSSGN023 Using ACSW for mineworkings investigation

This Guidance Note outlines how the Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) technique utilised by GSS may be used to located abandoned and buried mineworkings, shafts and associated disturbed ground.

GSSGN024 Sustainability of ACSW testing

This document outlines the environmental and sustainability benefits GSS ACSW testing system, a finalist for the Sustainability Award category of the 2018 Ground Engineering Awards.

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