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Ground stiffness measurement by the continuous surface wave test - Heymann 2007

This paper describes the continuous surface wave test, the execution of the test, analysis of the data as well as interpretation of the results. Calibration results as well as typical results from full scale field tests are presented.

Safe by Design - Blackburn Stabling

Network Rail Safe by Design submission by Buckingham Group Contracting for GSS CSW trackbed stiffness testing for the Blackburn Stabling rail depot project.

Safe by Design - Cuckoo Bridge

Network Rail Safe by design submission for Cuckoo Bridge project, part of GWR Modernisation Scheme

The application of continuous surface wave testing for settlement analysis with reference to a full-scale load test for a bridge at Pont Melin

The presence of a significant thickness of soft silts beneath the site of a proposed new road bridge caused concerns over the suitability of shallow foundations. Despite extensive conventional ground investigations, it was not possible to obtain reliable ...

Use of CSW testing to measure ground stiffness in Glacial Till - Frances Senior WSP 2016

Poster reviewing of the use of CSW data for the Blyth interconnector station including comparison of stiffness derived using empirical relationships with CPT and SPT.

Useful ACSW References

List of useful academic references related to ACSW testing theory and data application

A bright new wave in geotechnics.